We Are Driven To Succeed, Are You?

Listen. There’s a buzz on the road these days. It’s not just the hum of the rubber on asphalt. It’s consistent safety, on-time dependability, delivery flexibility, one of the lowest turn-over rates in the industry, and a constant willingness to help the customer in every way possible. At Verspeeten Cartage, we not only listen, we understand.

  • Join us for a short time and stay an entire career!

    It’s the little things that make driving for Verspeeten Cartage more attractive than most other trucking companies. We only bid on driver friendly routes.

    Our main business is automotive parts. That means round trip no touch freight with scheduled window times allowing our drivers to spend more of their day driving and earning an income.

    Providing one of the highest competitive wage and benefit packages in our sector is a testament that we are committed to a long term partnership with our greatest assets… Our Company Drivers.

  • Go for a Drive!

    We know to earn the most income as an Owner Operator that they have to spend more time driving. Verspeeten Cartage has multiple lanes that maximize driver hours. Most of our routes run west of the GTA down through the I-75 corridor and Westerly to Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.

    Our exclusive round trip contracts ensure you are not left out in the middle of no where waiting for a return, or bob-tailing 250 miles to pick up your next trailer.

    Our Owner Operators are paid weekly including Fuel Surcharge. Discounted fuel pricing, tires and parts through our National accounts and maximum utilization commitment for all of our Owner Operators are just a few benefits our Owner Operators enjoy pulling for Verspeeten Cartage. We firmly believe that if you’re successful as an Owner Operator, we will be successful as a company.






Moved annually.



Pieces of equipment.

Shifting to a New Age!

Sitting on the side of the road is not an option at Verspeeten Cartage. We invest in our driver’s day in and day out. That’s why our drivers operate state of the art, late model Automatic transmission tractors. Driver comfort seats and air assist disc brakes are just 2 benefits that enhance your driving experience while driving for Verspeeten Cartage. That coupled with a 24/7 maintenance department keeps trucks and trailers serviced and running in top order, ensuring your day is spent on the road, not on the side of it.

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