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ShiftingupTechnologyWe know that you value accurate, up-to-date information, so we use fleet wide, real-time communication and tracking systems. Stay up-to-date on the progress of your shipments and other important information with Verspeeten Cartage’s advanced technology.

We use fleet-wide, real-time communications (including messaging, performance data, engine diagnostics, driver emergences and GPS position data) between mobile units installed in every truck and our head office using communications provided by PeopleNet (A Trimble Company).hitechsquare

Multi Mode

GPRS Cellular

Improved signal where standard satellite signals obstructed by building or covered docks.

L-Band Satellite

All weather geo-synchronous satellite and terrestrial towers provide reliable signals outside cellular coverage areas.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Can be interfaced with EDI systems for real-time status updates for customers. Interfaced with EDI system for US Customs eManifest Advance Cargo Entry notifications.

Provide invoicing via EDI 210 transactions if customer supports and optionally EDI 214 trip status notification messages using ANSI X.12 specification.

Can transmit via AS2, AS3 and ebXML Messaging Service (ebMS, HL7, CDC-PHIN, STAR) FTP/S, FTP/PGP, OFTP, SSH FTP, MQSeries®, HTTP and HTTP/S connections. Standard FTP preferred when available.